Saturday, November 12, 2016

Global Table Adventure

 The internet truly is an amazing resource for the homeschooling family. I had been having our children pick places to make food from, and then on the map next to our kitchen table, we'd stick a sticker on it when we'd eaten food from there and learned a little about the culture. We've "traveled" to Germany (note the lovely Baumkuchen above :) ), Italy, India, Somalia (Amy had a refugee friend from school last year), Hawaii, San Francisco (rice-a-roni), and Ukraine.
 I would look up the country, and pick a menu online, but then I found this AWESOME blog: globaltableadventure  which this woman has done all the work for me! She has 650 recipes from 195 countries. It's thanks to her than I found the Baumkuchen recipe, because I thought I'd never be able to eat one of those over here, and it was delicious, and fun to make.
I feel one of the great things about homeschooling is that the girls have become more keyed in to learning opportunities. Amy came and asked me to take a look at this miniature wasp that she found on the screen the other day. (It's so small, you can hardly see it -- but trust me, it was indeed a wasp, not a fly... tiniest one I've ever seen). When we see a new bug, we go to the internet and identify it, and look up a book at the library about it if there is one.

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