Saturday, November 12, 2016


Amy has been obsessed with Native Americans for the past few years, and this year for Halloween I made her a costume out of some old fleece I'd used as a drape over our couch a few years ago (nothing like upcycling something).

We watched a great documentary about the Wompanoag and the first Thanksgiving: "Plimoth Plantation: Virtual Field Trip" by Scholastic on YouTube. I wish we lived closer, because this museum seems simply awesome! They have people dress up and learn the type of languages, and pretty much live a reenactment of that time period. We also followed up that one with watching some cultural dances from the Wompanoag from their Powow. The internet really is an amazing wealth of knowledge.

Amy would like us to all dress up for our Thanksgiving and tell about who we are (and she will be the Indian of course). We will be making a more authentic meal, which will be interesting.

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