Saturday, November 19, 2016

Magic Moments

I love being a Mom and seeing magic moments. This was so cute seeing Monta and Lily hug. 😊

This week we "travelled" to Botswana and Australia, using recipes from globaltableadventure and we even tried some vegemite and TimTams because we had a friend from the ward who is from Australia. Vegemite to me tastes like soy sauce mixed with Postum powder into a paste. Different, but now I can say I know what it tastes like. Amy and Lily also tried it, the other girls wouldn't, but loved the TimTams.

We also learned about Monet, Degas, and Mary Cassatt. The library is such a wonderful resource for homeschooling. We will watch a movie about Mary Cassatt when it comes in on interlibrary loan. Amy's math is coming along well, and her reading is excellent. Esther's penmanship is great and she's starting to write and read basic words like friend, love, hope, come, etc. We love Reflex Math, and the Upstart program.

Biology wise we learned about Nile Crocodiles and watched a great documentary called "Operation Maneater" where some biologists are trying to train wild crocs in Botswana to associate the ringing of a bell with an electric shock so that some day villagers can ring a bell and keep themselves safe while they do their washing.

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